DJ UE / Monthly Whizz Vol.141 入荷しました! (4/28) ◆ 送料全国350円♪ 5,000円以上お買い上げで送料無料♪ ◆ 毎週月曜日 Weekly Chary 更新♪

Thoth / Volume One

THOTH vol.1! このmixはプローデューサー陣に注目して聴いて欲しい1枚!
最近アルバムもリリースした llmind や STONES THROW から、Guilty Simpson!
他にも Flying Lotus の BEATS 使用していたり、mix とは思えないクオリティで超豪華な内容です! HOST MC は STATIK SELEKTAH!

1. Intro
2. Brain Washed Ft Termanology (Produced By !llmind)
3. The Blast Off (Produced By Trox)
4. F_Ck Sleep Ft Guilty Simpson & Danny Brown (Produced By Swiff D)
5. On The Way Up Produced By !llmind)
6. Solid Gold (Beat By 14Kt)
7. Minds Progress Ft Chaundon (Produced By Preme)
8. Pledge Allegiance (Produced By !llmind)
9. Turn Headz Ft Planet Asia & Mistah Fab(Produced By !llmind)
10. Make A Move Ft Raekwon (Produced By !llmind)
11. Facecruncher (Produced By !llmind)
12. Done Waiting (Produced By Swiff D)
13. Tomorrow (Produced By Young Ry Of Surf Club)
14. The Totality (Produced By Abjo)
15. A Glimpse Of Victory (Produced By Swiff D)
16. Evolution (Beat By Swiff D)
17. Shadows (Produced By Cook Classics)
18. What It Is (Produced By Rune)
19. Bonus Track-Galaxy In Thoth Major (Beat By Flying Lotus)
20. Bonus Track-Ma To The West Ft Ohno (Produced By Illmind)
21. Bonus Track-Guard Up Ft Opio (Produced By Illmind)

販売価格 500円(税込)
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